The Grocery Retail Challenge


Continente Online is challenging you to imagine and create an immersive shopping experience and give its customers the chance to shop their groceries online using natural conversation (text and voice).

Dive in the conversational commerce field and leverage the recently acquired bot integration capabilities of Chatting platforms. We defy you to build a Facebook messenger bot, where we could help our customers shop for groceries in a completely new way.

This bot would be able to engage in rich conversations with customers and in the end help them with their purchases needs including order submission and payment.


Here are some examples of use cases that would respond to this challenge. See them as inspiration, but do not limit yourself by them:

  1. A concierge that based on the conversation suggest products based on:
    1. Customer Last Buy
    2. Customer history
    3. Most bought by all users
    4. Most bought by user
    5. And helps you make the purchase
  2. The customer wants to buy what is necessary to a recipe because he is hosting a dinner and would like to prepare a vegetarian meal.
  3. The customer is looking for suggestions on what to cook for his six years old nephew who is visiting
  4. The customer has “80 years” old and wants to know what products would recommended for his age
  5. Receive daily/weekly/monthly notifications on product prices or promotions.


Check this examples of bot assisted shopping and get inspired:

 Considering the language of our costumers, we would like to see your bot interacting in Portuguese, nevertheless if you are not familiar with Portuguese, English will also be accepted.


To help you address the challenge we have a Sandbox with data and some services that simulate a set of capabilities of an e-commerce system. The integration with existing services is highly encouraged and there are no technological restrictions besides the bot being facebook messenger compatible. We can easily see the use of cognitive services for language processing and to infer the customer mood and intensions. Bot frameworks, machine learning for prediction and pattern matching, recommendation services for product suggestions and much more is being used to build smart and engaging bots. 


The limit is your imagination and we have no doubts that you’ll create something that will blow our minds.




Available Services – for information about the Mocked API please check the following blog posts on the API portal


Available Data: